Fashion Forward

What is as blog for women without a FASHION page?!!

So I am desperately trying to de-clutter or purge, if you will, my home before baby number two comes into this world. But I can’t say I mind having a new item or two just to keep life exciting!

I decided I would keep things simple and feature one item and how I can wear it with clothes I already have. My goal is to be able to wear this item in all four seasons. However, this time I discovered a bit of a problem when I realized that I am 10 weeks till my due date and none of my summer items fit. So for right now I will just focus on multiple ways to dress up one outfit!

This is my green vest which I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I would wear it all the time if I could! I am such a fan of how it can be dressed up or dressed down. If you see a item similar lto this in a store, you better grab it fast! By the time I found this one there were only two left. Lucky lucky me, one was in my size! Green vest are SO in right now because of the versatility of this item. Don’t miss out and grab yourself one today!

Green Vest

Pictured above I am wearing a plain black, long sleeve t-shirt with cream colored knee boots. I have also worn this with black leggings. When the weather gets warmer (and I can fit into them again) I will totally be sporting this with cropped pants or jean shorts. For shoes, ankle boots would also be super cute! Or, if flip flops are your style, go for it! For a top in warmer weather, I think my black v-neck tee will do. I’ve also seen this worn with a spaghetti strap; it looks cute that way too!

Notice the different ways to pair accessories? I couldn’t decide which blanket scarf I wanted to wear so I took pictures of both. I thought it was neat how the the light and dark colors gave a totally different look. Usually a lighter color will brighten up your face and a darker color will define your natural tone a little more. I also thought this looked great with a short necklace! For now I think I’ll stick with longer jewelry. I think it elongates my figure and hides my big belly and extra weight a little more 🙂

I have also seen this green vest worn with a long flowing cream colored shirt. That outfit is actually what made me want to get a vest myself! You can also pair your vest with dresses, denim shirts and multiple other colors! For more ideas, just check Pinterest!

 For this summer I am soo in love with this:

We have a few outdoor weddings coming up and I can’t wait to sport this look!