We Have Hit that Point

I love calving season, I really do. There is nothing like being part of bringing that new life into the world and helping it thrive. It’s just the down side that gets me. The part where we don’t get any sleep for a good 2 months and then we go right into spring planting. Honestly, our schedule during cleaving season is way worse than my schedule with a newborn baby, although the two are vary comparable.

I say it’s worse because we have to get out of bed, get dressed and head out to the barn in the middle of the night . At least with a newborn you get to stay in your pajamas! Also, the house is warm 🙂 and it’s so much more enjoyable snuggling with a little baby than stepping outside only to get hit with brisk wind and bitter temperatures. Then there are the endless questions of if we will have to move any calves, are any of the mommas having trouble, will we have to warm a little one up or make sure the calf is nursing? Calf checks could take 15 minuets or I think our longest has been 3 hours. Things could go really well or really not. But that’s another post for another time. We usually do calf checks at 12am and 3am and 6am. Hubby and I take shifts with the in-laws but when they are gone, it’s just hubby and I. We usually have about 2 weeks on our own and those weeks are always fun (please catch the sarcasm).

So we have hit that point. That point where we are tired and not the most enjoyable to be around. Our patience is shot and we maybe aren’t watching our words as closely as we could. It’s times like this I remember how much we need Christ. We can’t do this on our own. I try to remember to be positive and remind myself how I am thankful for a husband who loves me. That the only other ladies he spends time with are 150 cows. I am thankful for him to have the opportunity to do what he loves and I do enjoy playing a part in making his dreams come true. BUT right now I just need some sleep, coffee, and maybe a babysitter would be nice…