There is No Time like Prep Time

It has been through trial and error, mostly error, as in running around like a crazy woman during spring planting and harvest that I came to realize the beauty of freezer meals. That moment where all you have to do is walk to the freezer and pull out an already prepared meal (healthy and guilt free I might add) start the oven and walk away.

Because baby number two is coming in just a few weeks, I’m almost in freak-out mode just trying to get everything ready. One of the things on the list is meals. At the end of this 5 weeks I plan (ha! Hence the key word there) to have my entire freezer prepped. I know this is easier said than done but c-sections are rough and we will be diving right into spring planting when baby is born.

Here is my rule when making freezer meals- don’t do anything fancy. Seriously. Nothing. I was too overwhelmed, it took too long, and the grocery list- I had to think too much. I make what we already eat on a regular basis. This way I can make extra of something and freeze what we don’t eat, OR I already have all the ingredients ready to prep whenever. Today is actually the first time I didn’t have to go on a huge shopping trip to prep. We already have everything I need!

Here is another trick. Think- quick to prep, quick to eat. The problem we kept running into was having these wonderful meals full of love when Rett was really crunched for time. He didn’t have time to enjoy all my hard work. He needs something he can grab, swallow and keep moving. When I started telling myself quick to prep, quick to eat, it made everything way more manageable and the process less stressful. Plus I was much less offended.

Plan ahead! I’m actually so good at this it’s a problem… At least that’s what I tell myself…🙄… I buy so much meat on great sales, our freezer is packed full and we have no room for anything else. BUT on the bright side, when I have a day to prep, I’m ready to go. We just freeze everything as soon as we get home, then when I’m ready (usually a few months later) defrost, cook, prep and everything goes back in the freezer. I have heard you lose flavor by doing it this way but we have never noticed.

Also, stalk up on freezer bags and tin foil pans when they are on sale. Usually around Christmas is when I find the best sales.

Pork loin chunks on rice with peas and carrots. ⬆️ pork loin with rice, peas and carrots! Mmmmmm!

Meals we usually make-

Spaghetti, lasagna, chicken Alfredo, chicken pot pie (sometimes with turkey too), baked mac-n-cheese, pork chops, pork loin (covered in gravy of course), roast (beef and pork), ham and my favorite-bbq pork and/or chicken!

Nothing fancy, but when your in a pinch they are sure a lifesaver! Sometimes I add veggies, sometimes I don’t. I’ve also heard of freezing subs and grilled cheese sandwiches for quick meals on the go. Might be worth a try!