The Lies We Convince Ourselves

I was playing with our son when he decided he wanted to load his toy tractor into the back of his little pickup truck. So we loaded the tractor. Of course this would never work in the real world but it got me thinking, how many times do we convince ourselves something is true or something is real when in fact, it’s not at all. We have just convinced ourselves of it. We made it up in our heads that this will work and this is reality.

I can remember many times thinking someone didn’t like me, only to find out it wasn’t true at all. I was just really shy and they were really shy and yeah… that’s all there was to it.

I can remember thinking my husband was doing things to torture me, when he had no idea that his actions were even bothering me.

As women we are so good at convincing ourselves of lie after lie. We feel like we aren’t good enough, pretty enough, skinny enough… enough, enough, enough already!

The list goes on but it’s time we make it stop. Replacing the negative with positive reinforcements can go along way. Every time we think of a negative, we need to replace it with a positive, or even two positives!

When I had my son this concept hit me really hard. I tend to be around family that points out the negative and doesn’t bother to bring up the good. When we came home from the hospital I can remember family coming over and pointing out thing after thing about my precious newborn baby. It might have been that I was really tired and just took it personally, and I realize that, but overall I wanted to put a stop to this trend. It had to start with me. Studies show that children get their emotional state from their mother. If I wanted my children to be positive and have good self image, it had to start with the woman who gave them life. It had to start with the one who nurtured them through sickness and in health from day one.

Yes life is not always butterflies and roses and I don’t plan to shelter my children from the sometimes harsh realities of life, but I do see it my mission to encourage them when they fall, remind them they are doing a great job and verbally affirm their efforts. Funny thing is, everything I do for them, I need to be doing for myself too.

It’s time we stomp out these lies and focus on positivity in our families, in our homes and most importantly, in our hearts. 💕