❤️❤️ What’s Your Love Language ? ❤️❤️

The big day is here! Happy Valentines Day! In the floral shop we used to call it Vday. Long and stressful, dreaded Vday. I have to admit, I actually enjoyed the rush and all the excitement. Don’t know why!

I decided to start a Weekly Wonders that Work, featuring various things I use around the farm and home that have made my life so much easier. I decided to take a little bit of a break today to talk about love languages. If you have never heard of this girl, you are in for a treat!!!

So love languages, there are 5 that have been tested and approved, there are many many more to be found, but in each of us there is one that kind of tops them all. Mine is quality time. If I don’t have a time each day when I can sit down and have a conversation with my husband I become a crazy woman. Why? Because I don’t feel loved. The analogy in the book The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman is feeling like your oxygen is getting cut off. You can’t breathe. I personally feel overwhelmed by emotions I cannot control, though I try so hard to keep everything at bay.

Speaking your spouse’s love language is extremely important to your relationship. Otherwise you get caught in this love cycle. I remember someone once telling me that she and her husband never realized there was such a thing. They had been on the verge of divorce for years and never realized they had actually fallen victim to this thing we all experience at some time. They were each just acting out because they didn’t feel loved.

What are the love languages?

I strongly suggest you order this book! There are also numerous resources online but here is a quick run down:

Receiving Gifts: to some, there is no better way to show your love and appreciation then surprising this person with a gift.

Physical Touch: this person likes to cuddle, hug, you name it. They want to be at your side because that is how they send and receive love.

Words of Affirmation: this is the person who takes to heart the nice and unfortunately the sometimes not nice things people say. When you say “I value your work” or “I appreciate you” this person will remember that like they just won the lottery.

Quality Time: taking time to have a meaningful conversation or simply spending time with this person is the best thing you can give.

Acts of Service: this person doesn’t need gifts or kind words, they need actions. When someone goes out of their way to help, this person feels loved and valued.

Of course these are vary short run downs in my own words, but if you are not receiving love in your love language, there tends to be a huge shift in mood and the terrible cycle begins.

This is something every single human being experiences and speaking someone’s love language, be it a spouse or child, will really make a difference in your relationship.

Also, a spouse will usually have more than one love language. For my husband and I, we have the love language for each other and then a love language for everyone else. For example, my overall love language is acts of service, but with my husband and child its quality time. You can sometimes have more than one.

Here is a fun test to see what your love language is!


And if you do get the book, it will change you life! This is not sponsored at all. This is just me telling you it will change everything!