So Much is The Same

Hubby decided he had just enough time to go check the cows before church. 45 minuets should be enough time right? If there aren’t any new calves this morning, he should be ok but I’m not going to hold my breath. We didn’t get much sleep last night as our little guys’s teeth are coming in with a vengeance so my sleepy mind started wondering. I couldn’t help but think, “ok I haven’t checked the temperature yet but I think it’s around 17 degrees… so if there is a baby he will have to get it warmed up and make sure it’s nursing. If that’s the case, yeah he’s not going to make it”. Funny how the first few hours of a calf’s life is really vary similar to a humans. Nursing is always the first thing you do. When the temperatures are low like today, it is even more crucial that the calf nurses immediately to get that warm milk in it’s tiny little belly… Actually it’s colostrum but I’m too tired for that science lesson. I have lost count of how many times hubby has rushed a little critter home for a hot bath to soak in our sink downstairs. Last month I even set aside large boxes to put straw in if we have any overnight guests.

As I sit here and ponder what this season might be like, I hear the roar of the old farm truck rolling in. I guess 10 minuets did the trick. I best get going!