Our First Calf of the Season!

The first four little hooves have hit the ground as we kick off our 2018 calving season! Oh the joys, the excitement and anticipation, the stress and the danger of calving season. It is kind of strange to me to be so excited about calving and not able to do anything about it. With just a few weeks till my own due date I have pledged to steer clear of the cow barn. I just don’t move as quickly as I used to, especially while all bundled up. Plus what to do with the little guy is a bit of a dilemma. So the little guy and I have stayed at home and ask daddy lots of questions about the new calf.

Questions like boy or girl? How big is he/she? How long ago was it born when you found it? Is it in the barn or out in the lot? Was the mommy nice? Did you have any problems? It’s been almost more stressful being at home worrying about hubby’s safety than actually being there to help. But don’t tell him I said that 😉.

We haven’t gotten to the heart of calving yet, so even with the cold temperatures hubs hasn’t had to do multiple checks throughout the night yet. Just one thorough check about 11pm or 12pm. Soon he will be checking multiple times throughout the night, making me a nervous wreck and sleep deprived monster…hopefully not but I like to plan for the worst. Again, it’s so weird to me to no be out there with him making sure everything is ok. I guess next year the kids will have many sleepovers at grandma and grandpas house while we continue this crazy yearly cycle we call … drum roll please….calving season!