Sometimes the Nose Blows

Tis the season to be SICK!!!! Ugh!!!

I think we have all hit that stage at some point in time. Hopefully not for long. This last winter my son has been teething like a crazy man so we have had all sorts of running and drooling since mid November. Fortunately after this spell all his teeth will be in and we can put all of this behind us. Until then I keep holding onto the joy that spring is coming and soon enough the temperatures will get warmer. So in the meantime, here are a few items that have gotten us through this winter:


ZARBEES’ baby cough syrup + Mucus- We have been using this since my son was 4 months old. At that time he was too young for any cough syrup so my pharmacist sister-in-law suggested this product. It is all natural and has been a vary good thing for us. This product has been my go-to. Of course once baby starts running temperatures it’s time to take him/her to the doctor, but for a simple cold or side effects due to teething, I am in love!

Chest rubs are WONDERFUL! My husband and I even use this.

Nasal spray, or mist is one of those items that I always keep on hand now. It has been so helpful with bloody noses too. Yes, spraying salt water up your nose actually helps keep moisture up there, it also helps dry everything out when baby is running running, running. (Don’t try to replace this with a DIY salt water solution. A sailing solution is a little different and will not irritate your sinuses. They say salt will burn.) Another great benefit to our family has been using this as soon as we get in the house from doing a dusty job. Whether it’s harvest or we have spent the day with the cows, washing out my nostrils first thing when I get in has reduced allergy annoyances tremendously! Just know, this is a product that you might not want to share. Each person has different bacteria levels in their body and something that has been in the entire family’s nostrils is a recipe for disaster. We each have our own.

Non-Drowsy Claritin and FLONASE are my two best friends. Total lifesaver during harvest and when I’m working in the barn with our cows. This fall was actually the first year I did not get sick at the end of harvest! Usually I will get Bronchitis or Pneumonia after 3 weeks from all the dust (even with a dust mask). If you can find these two in bulk at a Sam’s Club or something, it is much cheaper. I normally wouldn’t spend so much on something like this (I put it off for years) but not to be like they have changed my life…. buttttt….. the Antihistamine kind of numbs the inflammation allowing you to go about your day normally. Sometimes if I even have a headache I will go ahead and use these two just because my headaches tend to be allergy related anyway. The FLONASE is another thing I would make sure everyone in the family (or whoever needs it) has their own because it gets squirted up your nose.

Cool mist humidifiers actually help a lot. I haven’t figured out why exactly, but they do! Especially with babies!

Air purifiers make a huge difference in our home. I got one a few years ago when we were filling the bins at our house and let me tell ya, I have never once regretted it. Actually we have two now. I wish we had three… I also get these out and turn on to purify the air when we have all been sick. They are great during pollen season and harvest. I strongly suggest spending the extra money on a quiet one, but unfortunately, even then, they are not exactly a quiet item.

Hope these help you, or at least give you some ideas where to start. Good luck!