First Child, Second Child

With my first child I made sure I knew everything about anything. I wanted to be prepared for this adventure called parenting. I spent hours reading about what pregnancy and that first year would be like. Second kid- poor thing! I think we are just going to wing it! I feel strangely calm about when it comes it comes and until then, whatevs! The doctor knows what to do! My goodness, do women with like 5 or 6 kids just wake up one day and realize “oh it’s due date!” Because that is kinda how I feel…

They say it’s a difficult adjustment from one child to two and I guess we will deal with that when it comes. But for now, I can’t say I mind the shopping, the planning and everything I didn’t get to do for JayJay because I was still out on the farm.

10 weeks till due date people! Hope the time goes fast!