Where Have I Gone Wrong?

I recently read a facebook post of a new couple celebrating their 2 year anniversary. It was so pure and full of love. This girl talked about being married to her best friend, she described all of her husband’s wonderful qualities and explained how lucky she felt everyday. My only thought was “where have I gone wrong?” Now don’t get me wrong, I was warned about the magical 5 years where you get comfortable, begin to fight and loose that spark. Add business, family, money and a kid to that mix… you get the idea. We were best friends when we got married and we never fought. Then the in-laws came into the picture and everything changed… we lost that spark fast. I would say we are still best friends but it’s much different now. There is a reason they say don’t mix business with pleasure, or family for that matter.

So I’m reading this beautiful post full of happy pictures feeling pity on myself when I continue to scroll and abruptly stop at this post “this mountain was placed in your way to show others that it can be moved“. Wow, if that’s not a sign I don’t know what is. I have felt vary strongly about starting this blog and really taking it seriously.  For the last month there have been things I have been told or seen (I have only told Hubby about this, no one else knows) that each confirm this is the direction I need to take. I think it is so incredible and mind blowing that God really has this way of speaking to our hearts and then confirming things through other ways. I am honestly nervous about starting this mission for many reasons, but I know the God I serve and over and over I have seen Him do some incredibly amazing things. I know that He will do something mind blowing here and I am so excited to be apart of it.