Following the Call

So you may have seen and hopefully subscribed to A Farming Wife YouTube Channel… Let’s just say some things happened and I’ve decided to take another direction for a bit…

Don’t worry, nothing bad happened!! Or at least I’m choosing to view it that way. This might actually be a good problem to have (I think!… ). So it seems a lot of men are attracted to farm videos about farm machinery… imagine that!?! So while I was, in my mind, making videos about our life and being a farming wife, a lot of that machinery and everything was popping up on our YouTube thumbnails and suddenly we were getting decent views and more and more subscribers. So total success right?! Except that is not where my heart is. My heart is for the women living this lifestyle and supporting their husband farmers. It’s not an easy lifestyle to adapt to, nor does it always get easier. The good days come with the bad. That’s just life. But I do remember so vividly feeling incredibly alone. My goal is to send the message that you are DEFINITELY NOT alone in your pain and struggles surrounding this lifestyle. I want to bring encouragement to others, yet be honest about my own struggles. That is why I have started this blog. I chose to have a .org instead of a .com as I trust I am following God’s leading and his perfect plan. Maybe one day this will turn into a nonprofit organization. Until then I will follow the call and trust His leading. I’m no super hero, never want to even pretend to be one, but I do believe in the power of a person’s story. I believe each story has the power to change others and bring encouragement. That is what I hope this blog with do. To women all over the world, welcome. I hope you find something to soothe your tired soul here. I hope my words bring you joy in knowing that sister, you are not alone. You are so not alone.