Shower Me Pretty

shower-collage-colorAhh! A breath of fresh air! A sigh of relief! Its a stormy morning here on the farm and that means a little catching up for myself! Today’s agenda includes: a. cleaning the house… b. organizing the cleaned house and c. relaxing in the now clean and organized house. Of course the relaxing part never actually happens but a girl can dream right!

This morning, as I was going about my business and thinking to myself how excited I was to have the morning off, I realized that I have been meaning to organize my pictures for months! Usually when I clear my camera everything goes into one folder, but for some reason it did not do that last time. Instead it created a new folder for each day I took pictures. As you can probably imagine, I had a lot of folders to combine. Since I have started blogging I have been doing really well about keeping pictures organized and categorized. It makes life so much easier when you go back to look for something from, say 5 years ago! As I was putting everything where it needed to go I stumbled on these photos from May 17th!

May 17th is a special day! It is the day my parents celebrate their wedding anniversary, hubby and I celebrate the day he ask me to marry him, and this year we shower our cousin and her fiance for their wedding coming up next week! I had so much fun planning this shower. Honestly, I almost wish I could throw a shower every year! Needless to say I LOVE decorating, but I think the thing that makes me feel the most accomplished was that this was so easy. You see we have a … shall we say …rustic? antique? basically very old garage. I almost wonder if it used to be a old time summer kitchen, but everyone who has been to our house tends to form their own ideas about what it once was. At this day in age it is definitely a garage. It has a work bench on the far end, two windows for light and a wide open space for the car.

It’s kind of a funny story deciding to have the shower … in the garage… you see my sisters-in-law and I were going back and forth about where to host the shower. It was getting to be about a month in advance and invites needed to go out soon. One of the girls thought we could have the shower in the large shed. Now that she has moved out of her parent’s house, she forgets how adamant her father is about not having equipment outside. I remember walking to the shed taking one good look before I made up my mind if this would work. I mean, its a big open shed without the farm equipment. But I wasn’t sure we would be able to clean off the work bench considering we probably couldn’t even lift half the stuff off of it, and I didn’t want to deal with all the cobwebs and dust. I just kept thinking to myself, watch us do all this work, then it rains and we are back to square one. On my walk back to the house I happened to glance in the garage. I had, for some reason, left the garage door open that morning and was staring into the old beauty in astonishment. I had never seen my garage in this way before! I will never be able to look at it the same again. I caught the vision! I thought about the vision. I decided it would work!

Between seed runs, as we call them. Trips when I take seed bags to hubby and help him load the planter, I started cleaning little by little. Wiping the walls down with a broom and cleaning out the windows. I used old primer I found around the windows to give them that bright white “pop”! The wood was starting to look a little rough anyway, and I kept my eye out for good deals on decorations. The morning of we set up tables along the walls for food and put a table cloth over the old grease covered work bench. More tables were set up outside for supper and games were ready for the yard. Hubby and I decorated for maybe an hour. Probably not even that long. Fun fact, I decorated the cake myself! We had ordered it plain then added the burlap ribbon and silk flowers for decoration. We served burgers and hot dogs then loaded up the front with many deserts to choose from. Everyone left with their bellies full and had a great time showering the bride and groom-to-be. The shower was a huge success!


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